Silk Summary:
We ALL know that Hunter Biden used his fathers office to curry favors. Now, we know “the Big Guy” knew it all along, and got some coin for his troubles!
How much more proof do we need. I’m from the Party of Fair Play. If Trump is indicted for whatever the Democrats feel is the flavor of the day, [not a fan of Trump], then Biden with ALL the evidence should be tried for treason!–dj2-CY
So much evidence:
2020 FBI Informant document describing $10 in bribes to Joe/Hunter Biden to protect UKR Gas Company Burisma/Enough evidence to begin impeachment proceedings Biden, Garland, Wray
The FBI/DOJ had this informant info since before 7/2020, hid it from Trump, Congress and then from IRS investigators.
All part of a larger cover up to protect Biden and ultimately Obama.
Biden Crime Family Inc received approx $7.3M as Burisma was forced to hire Hunter to have his father (The Big Guy) protect them.
We had received same Biden corruption info from Polish sources in 2016, but FBI/DOJ was too busy undermining Trump Presidency to take action.
DOJ/FBI still undermining Trump. Mark Levin says Dems driving country to a very dangerous place, making plans for Dem states not to accept Trump if elected in 2024
Joe Biden in a widely circulated video, bragged to Council of Foreign Relations he told then UKR President Poroshenko to fire prosecutor investigating Burisma or he would cancel a US $1B loan guarantee. (Prid Quo Pro)
Biden said call Obama if Poroshenko did not believe him. BHO knew. The cover up is about BHO not Biden.
Biden has a weird way of incriminating himself with his braggadocio. He also bragged 2020 was greatest election fraud organization in history. Which was never seriously investigated.–dj2-CY
Joe Biden Brags about getting Ukranian Prosecutor Fired
The date typo on the opening screen is corrected below: In 2016 Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, in his investigation of corruption involving Burisma Holdings, a natural gas company, identified Hunter Biden as the recipient of over $3,000,000 from the company. Not wanting this corruption exposed, Joe Biden swung into action.

Pres Poroshenko admits prosecutor did nothing wrong. Biden pushes to have UKR bank shut down that handled bribe payments.–dj2-CY