Silk Summary:

Former president Obama’s Climate advisor said what is being pushed now for climate change is a bunch of bull!
“It’s not “Climate Change” causing catastrophic flooding, it’s an environmentalist war on flood control doing the damage.”
The lunatic progressives otherwise known as off the wall lefties are trying to push this country to the brink of disaster. The wildfires burning constantly in western States, Cananda, is because these same kinds of environmentalist are saying you can’t clean the dead brush, leaves, debris in forests or other fields because it would cause harm. What, unlike the fires burning that are destroying people’s homes, forests and sending smoke all over the country harming others who don’t even live in the areas.
Americans need to push back and do it hard against those who feel it necessary the way we live our lives and take care of our free spaces. Because of them, we are losing so much of what makes this country special!