Silk Summary:

Indicting Trump on trying to overturn the election in 2020, is another hoax to change the narrative regarding our pedophile, questionable President!

The 2020 election did have fraud and a President has a right to question the validity of said election.
Funny how the indictment came down almost at the same time as we are hearing testimony regarding the criminal acts of Joe Biden and his son. Another charge, to change the narrative, thinking Americans are not going to hear about Biden and only call for the jailing of Trump.

If Trump goes to jail on any of the current charges, then we should expect, Hillary, Obama, Biden, Pence and so many others for the same offenses!

p.s. this has nothing to do with liking the former President. It has everything to do with letting those who break the law get away, thinking they are some kind of special person with elite status!