Silk Summary:

“Harvard law professor warns Hunter Biden’s special counsel has a ‘clear violation.’ ”

Why is it we haven’t seen charges for this criminal son of the man sitting in the Oval House under questionable circumstances? Better yet, why haven’t we seen anything on Joe Biden. He clearly has lied to the American people, has been using his office to peddle influence around the world with his son his mouthpiece and amassing quite a great deal of money over a very long time. Too bad Hunter put it up his nose and hired women to escort him. He also is a pedophile as verifiable pictures on his laptop have proven it. Yet here we are, Hunter still walking around and enjoying the world without a care in the world. His father is no better as Ashley Biden has said in a diary now known to be true, Pappa Joe, took showers with his LITTLE girl and according to his daughter started many problems in her life.
Why is there no criminal charges? They are charging Trump for many charges that are also faked. Even the Special Counsel said he lied to get an indictment.

What does it say about our justice system, media, social media who constantly CENSOR the truth?