The Morning Report
J.J. Sefton
October 9, 2023

For a sneak attack of the size Hamas launched against Israel to have happened (5,000 rockets, parachuters, towns infiltrated, Iranian and, possibly, Ukrainian involvement), there must have been an absolutely epic intelligence failure both in Israel and, to the extent the U.S. helps Israel with information, here in America, too. I have two ideas about how that could have happened, both of which are premised on significant problems within the two country’s intelligence services (especially Israel’s). I’ll start with the one that bespeaks actual evil and then get to the more likely one, which reflects human nature.

Some suggest that the Mossad is no longer working with the Israeli government but is, instead, doing whatever it can to undermine it. I’m perfectly ready to believe that. If you’ve been following the news about the reforms Netanyahu wanted to make to an out-of-control leftist judicial system in Israel, you know that many in the military and the Mossad were against Bibi’s actions. We’ve already seen in America that Deep State members cease to feel loyalty to their country as a whole and, instead, will use their government positions solely to advance one political party over the other.

Thus, it’s possible that anti-government personnel in Israel and anti-Israel personnel in the State Department in America (the ones who maybe could have helped prevent the attack) didn’t pay too much attention to chatter about a Hamas attack. They may have thought it would be like others before, with a little death here and a little death there. That would be enough to harm Netanyahu’s government without seriously harming Israel. . .

. . . That’s a very scary idea. But here’s something that’s just as disturbing: Nobody caught what was about to happen because of institutional incompetence. Whether at home or abroad, our “intelligence” types may no longer be that intelligent. . . I’d prefer to believe in entropy over evil. Both would have exposed Israel to the events that occurred, but entropy can be fixed now that fear is again resurgent. Evil is a corrosive rot that is almost impossible to root out.


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“Dozens of people were held hostage earlier on Saturday in the kibbutz dining hall for Horus. However, Israel Defense Forces engaged in a gun battle with the Palestinian terrorists who infiltrated the Kibbutz region in southern Israel. The terrorists who were holding the hostages were reportedly neutralized. At least 48 people were rescued from the hostage situation.” Israel Defense Forces Rescue 48 Hostages from Kibbutz Dining Hall

On Saturday, the Supernova music festival attended by approximately 3,000 people in the Negev desert near Kibbutz Re’im quickly turned from a joyous occasion marking the Jewish holiday of Sukkot into a “massacre” as Hamas terrorists raided the event from the nearby Gaza Strip. The attack came as Palestine waged a series of surprise attacks on Israel on Shemini Atzeret, the final day of the annual High Holy Day cycle. Survivors of Music Festival Hamas Attack Recount ‘Horror Movie’ Massacre That Left Hundreds Dead
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The Pentagon will begin transferring an unspecified amount of security assistance to Israel, including ammunition, Sunday that is expected to reach the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in “the coming days,” Austin said in the statement. Meanwhile, Austin, at the direction of [so-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden, has ordered the U.S.S. Gerald R. Ford along with its strike group to the Eastern Mediterranean and moved to enhance fighter aircraft squadrons in the region. Pentagon Sends Largest Aircraft Carrier to the Middle East, Says Military Aid Will Soon Reach Israel