Silk Summary:

What makes Newsom the leading authority on “green energy”? This country does not have an electric grid that can handle the EV’s let alone the other alternatives that Newsom seems to want to peddle or try and get China to invest and have an additional foot hold in this country.
Vehicle Manufacturers have back lots filled with EV’s that they can’t sell. Auto workers have been laid off and strikes by the unions are not helping shine a positive light on that sector.

Wind turbines are a disaster for the environment once they no longer work and have to be replaced.! Not to mention the bird life it kills.
China and the globalists, like Newsom have interfered in our country enough, especially over the last few years with the unleashing of Covid. As that didn’t kill enough people, we had Biden lockdown and mandate vaccinations which by all accounts currently, say there have been 3.5 times as many dead by vaccination than Covid!