THE ALAN NATHAN SHOW IS LIVE TODAY AT 5PM ET: Have recent Republican losses shown they must attenuate their absolutism on abortion so they can better capitalize on the tonnage of other issues otherwise favoring them in most polls? //MN Supreme Court rules that Trump can remain on the ballot thus batting down the argument that candidates can be banned based on mere accusations of insurrection – how will this effect similar efforts in other states? //An FEC complaint alleges there was a government-assisted disinformation campaign regarding those 51 former intel officials claiming Hunter Laptop was “Russian Spycraft” while exposed emails show the DHS censoring dissent before the 2020 Election – what’s next? //Do the planned “humanitarian pauses” in the Israeli-Hamas War perhaps equal mini-ceasefires, and how will they slow down the needed erasure of Hamas? //The large increase in news reports of “election fraud” proves they have never been myths – how will these disclosures impact the 2024 Election? Listen Live: