Silk Summary:
A weaponization of our justice system. Trump is no angel, surely, but the level of indictments, court cases is criminal in itself! Obama, Hillary, Biden, Pence and others before them, have been caught with Classified Documents. They haven’t been charged. Hillary, leaked tons of materials and also like Biden, used her office to gather hundreds of million of dollars for her foundation while in office after pledging she never do that. Biden, just pocketed his money by way of his son, using his father’s VP and Presidential credentials.
Joe, according to his daughter took showers with her when she was little, hence her problems of addiction and low self-esteem, according to Ashely, daughter in question.
Taxpayers should be furious at the copious amounts of dollars both federal and statewide used to go after Trump because the Democrats just don’t know how to deal with him as he makes them look like WEAK lawmakers!