Silk Summary:
About time former Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy really got on board with Biden’s impeachment. The sham impeachments of Trump where only manufactured evidence was given then proven to be fake, got way more speed in the process than Biden who there is PLENTY of evidence of selling American interests to our enemies!
Just another example of a 2 tiered justice system, that really needs to be dismantled and redone! Term limits for everyone!
KEVIN MCCARTHY: “No one in America would have known that President Biden has lied, that they did receive money from China…that he did get involved in the business dealings. When he went to Cafe Milano, his son got a new Porsche and $3 million was sent to him. We have systematically followed every place the facts have taken us each and every day. And now it’s moved even closer because now we’ve got the subpoenas going in to get the bank statements. We found all of this, the shell companies no one knew about prior. This is important.”