Silk Summary:
Love it when hypocrites such as China, Russia, lectures the world on human rights and needing peace!
Funny, the people of China are suppressed, repressed, killed/jailed for advocating for change and peaceful independent existences.
Why doesn’t the world put the pressure on the Arab nations for peace? After all they surround Israel with more land and population! Arafat rebuked Israel and slapped their offer down for a solution, yet, Israel, somehow is always seen as the bad guys!
Having lived there, worked there, being a Fellow of the American Voices of Israel, here in America and most of the world, the life there is nothing like the media portrays it to be! The different ethnic backgrounds living there, get along. They have more freedoms than if they were in their own countries, except of course for America, which is slowly trying to curtail ours.
We need some lawmakers with balls and gumption willing to fight for what’s right, not just here at home but abroad as well. We used to be feared, listened to, assisted, when necessary, but now, we are divided, weak in spirit, economy and devoid of trust!