Silk Summary:

No one is saying the 2020 election was totally rigged, but there were 6 states that did have questionable ballots, tabulation machines that went online, which they are never supposed to be capable of and added ballots with no fold in ballots whatsoever.
We also know, after the 2020 election, 68+ bills were passed in state legislatures to combat cheating.
Arizona found over 400,000 ballots that should have never been counted. Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin all had ballots that should have not been counted, dead voters on the rolls as well as ballot harvesters in a number of states.
The list goes on with smaller issues. Why now over the last dozen years do we have problems? It’s simple, but there are those who have been “bamboozled” into believing all was secure and fair!
Time to go back to paper ballots, more accountability!