Silk Summary:
From Dick Morris book: Former Democratic Strategist and darling of the Left!
How Hunter Biden’s tag-along with Vice President Biden on Air Force Two led to $2 billion in investments with the family — yes $2 billion!
The $6 million Hunter got from China’s energy giant CEFC.
The $5 million Hunter got wired to him immediately from a Chinese banker after he said he was sitting next to his father.
The real reason Joe Biden released from prison Meng Wanzhou — tied to Huawei, the Chinese company Biden wants to control 5G in the U.S.!
Biden’s failure to hold China accountable at the WTO for currency and trade violations that undersell U.S. products.
Biden’s strange decision to allow China to get away with patent theft of U.S. technologies.
Why Biden has continually defended China against claims COVID-19 started at a Wuhan laboratory.
Biden’s demands on lowering carbon emissions in the U.S. and Europe — while ignoring China’s flagrant violation of green standards . . .
Why his first act of president was to stop President Trump’s program countering Chinese spying in the U.S. — Biden said it was racist . . .