Silk Summary:
When history looks at the last 3 years, it won’t be very kind. For a vibrant, economically sound country to fall from such a height to the bottom of the spectrum in such short order, one can only look to the government as the reason and especially, the questionable office of the president! Biden, according to his daughter Ashely, is a pedophile. Not a stretch when you look at all the pictures of cringe worthy moments where Biden is either touching a little girl, trying to kiss them, hands on back or shoulder rubbing, and it makes you sick! You add the selling access to America’s government, and it begs the question, why isn’t he charged? There are the classified documents he had all over when he left Obama administration. Why isn’t he indicted?
When you look at all the evidence, just like Hillary, then you realize the unjust system that has taken over!