Silk Summary:
The Morning Report 1/9/24
J.J. Sefton
Again, if Trump, the likely candidate wins, a) the Democrats and their minions will, in the most frighteningly laughable reaction ever, claim the election was stolen, march on the Capitol and engage in a real insurrection, and/or b) having been so thoroughly brainwashed into believing that Trump will send them to a death camp engage in civil unrest that will make the 2020 Dresdenization of American cities in the wake of the George Floyd incident look like a church picnic.
Worse, both scenarios might very will include elements of law enforcement and the military actively participating with the BLM/Antifa cadres to seize control of the government in a Kalorama-declared state of emergency. And if that happens, then all bets are well and truly off in terms of what happens to Republican politicians, and of course Trump and his entourage.
Piss and moan all you want about his age, his shooting himself in the foot about COVID lockdowns, his staffing choices and what he supposedly said or didn’t say or do and should’ve said or done on 1/6/21 – it’s not important.
What this illegitimate junta and the corrupt apparatuses of law enforcement, the courts, the military and those who want to maintain power as the current advanced guard of the Socialist Anti-American Revolution in the Democrat Party and their RINO confederates, will do to maintain that power is the central issue of our times.
“I want to be clear though, I don’t bring up these points to absolve the shooter of responsibility for the evil act he committed. He is solely responsible for his actions. I bring this up as a means to simply highlight that we have a mental health crisis in this country, and our mental health providers don’t seem providing the proper care with the proper focus to their patients, and it goes beyond gender identity issues.”
Is the Mental Health Community Using Trans Ideology to Sweep Real Mental Health Under the Rug?

“Emails obtained by The Federalist show how Coconino County election officials have coordinated with a left-wing dark money group on election administration issues.” How a Left-Wing “Alliance” Skirted Arizona’s “Zuckbucks” Ban to Meddle in Key County’s Elections