Silk Summary:
Whether you like Trump or not, it has been proven that there was cover-ups about the media withholding crucial information before the election, Deep State actors trying to stuff ballots and other reprehensible acts that questioned the validty of the 2020 Election. Just yesterday, the state of Virginia said there was ballots counted for Trump that should have been for Biden.
NBC, also admitted the existence [**look below for URL] of the Deep State. These folks know, if Trump had had the right people beside him before the 2020 election, we may not have seen the debacle of the last 3+ years!
What this all comes down to is the trust of our process to be able to have a free election without interference. We have not been able to have this since 2008. Is it any wonder why more Democrats are leaving that party than with the GOP. Not that the GOP is the be all or end all, but at least, freedom to live our lives without the cheating, criminal acts that compromise our choices, is more of a motto of the GOP than the Left!