Silk Summary:
Is there no end to the lengths our lawmakers, White House, will have something buried, deleted, censored, or suppressed?
The fact they don’t want the truth to come out is the most disturbing aspect of this all. Just like the 2020 election. The rabid left, the “Cabal”, “The Deep State”, Obama & Co. went too far. The election of 2020 was never supposed to have so many false, fake, ballots. But the overwhelming support for Trump was more than the cheaters had anticipated and they went overboard with the ballot stuffing, online changing of tabulations, discarded Trump votes, fake unfolded ballots. Since 2008, The Supercomputer Hammer and program Scorecard have been in use in this country and Venezuela, others, to give the party in power, “DemocRATS” an advantage to control certain elections. Once Obama left the Oval, he instructed John Brennan and others to take this supercomputer offsite and hide it away in a black site only known to a few. Since Obama left office, it has been used as we discovered in an over the top, desperate way in 2020. The fact they worked so hard and continue to work so hard to keep Trump out is a telltale sign of the down and dirty they don’t want discovered. They were very lucky while Trump was in office. He had a LOUSY gut feeling when it came to close confidants. Couldn’t pick a trustworthy, loyal person to save his life. And he got into trouble for it. The ones he should have listened to, he didn’t. Before William Barr, top dog at the DOJ, he had a temporary bulldog there called Whitiker. He was amazing. Trump should have left him and we probably we be further down the road on who did what, where, and probably have seen some indictments!
What is for sure, Americans are not getting the whole truth from our government that we pay dearly for. Something has to give and it’s about time it sides with us!