Silk Summary:
The Morning Report 2/6/24
J.J. Sefton
February 6, 2024
Four years ago, Iran was on the ropes thanks to the policies of President Trump. Four years later, Iran is perhaps weeks or even days away now of a nuclear breakout. And Joey Sponge-Brain Poop-Pants has to both pretend to confront Iran over its de facto blockade of the Suez Canal/Red Sea trade route and attacks on our troops in the region while fellating the mullahs because they are doing all they can to make them the regional power in the Middle East. Israel be damned. Literally. Israel has vowed that Iran will never be allowed to possess nuclear weapons. So is Biden going to have to assist Israel (along with the Saudis and GCC) in a potential first strike, especially now that he’s been forced to militarily confront them in retaliation for killing US servicemen (which is funny since he or the Muslim plants all over the DoD and CIA are tipping them off either with or without his approval!) or will he tip off the Iranians should he be privy to their plans?

That might be a moot point. Remember: Venezuela is one of Iran’s closest allies. Iran for decades has caused trouble in Latin America.

Think back to the terror bombing of the Buenos Aires AMIA Jewish Community Center. Turns out that none other than Qassem Soleimani, who Trump vaporized four years ago, was the mastermind behind that bombing.
In any case, with a wide-open border for the past three years, Iran might decide to test the lethality of its uranium not on Tel Aviv, but somewhere here with a radiological dirty bomb.
But Trump said “pussy.”