Silk Summary:
And people still think there was no cheating in 2020! Georgia is just the latest state to show what many knew back then, the election was NOT fair and square, and the cheating went on in multiple states.
The fake news that is being sent out over the internet to gain support for the status quo and to make sure the current government stays in place is being coordinated with enemies of our country as they would much rather deal with a creepy Joe than Trump!
Along with the illegals being transported here from Latin America and those flooding our borders, we have a whole other population that owes its entry to the Democrats with their “give me your vote and we will give you more from the treasury” mentality!
We know no one who is not a citizen should be allowed to vote, but that too has been shunned as we have cities that are sanctuaries that allow illegals to get drivers license which all is you need to register.
What a country!