Silk Summary:
No kidding. Every day when you listen or read the news, there is another company, manufacturing plant, retail store closing, going bankrupt trying to reorganize and it’s the fault of this administration and what is called Bidenomics, which most definitely is not working!
Food prices are high, rents, mortgages, interest rates are much higher, and more people, over 5+ million, have fled blue states where taxes too, are biting into savings.
Why is it that over a million democrats have left the party if everything is so green and rosy like Biden would have you believe?
Biden had NO accomplishments before becoming VP except a crushing 1994 Crime Bill, he co-sponsored that unfairly targeted minorities and kept some of them in prison for decades for the smallest of crimes. It wasn’t until Trump with the First Step Act that released so many from prison and changed the 1994 bill.
We are weaker as a country, we have no respect overseas and the faith in America is no longer as strong as it was before this regime came into questionable power.