Firstly, neither the FEC nor Bragg’s successors thought any of these assertions had enough merit to warrant the very actions Bragg is taking with these charges. Those developments will come up in Trump’s Appeal Court proceedings.
They all illustrate how pathetically the Democrat machine has so clumsily exposed itself for politically weaponizing its prosecutorial powers and therefore unlawfully committing malicious prosecution.
Secondly, NDA’s concealing someone’s assertion to have had an affair with someone else has never been illegal.
Thirdly, (as reported by the Washington Post), Bragg is elevating misdemeanors to felonies because they were “possibly” used to commit other crimes even though said crimes were not considered serious enough to generate charges of their own.
Finally, NYC DA Alvin Bragg’s case is in further trouble since (as also reported by the Washington Post) it relied on extending a statute of limitation for one year (solely for Trump) regarding an FEC violation which neither the Feds nor DA Bragg’s predecessors thought had merit – as publicly acknowledged!
Does Bragg really think this anal-dripping sophistry survives appeal after this likely bias NYC jury renders its predetermined guilty verdict?
Also, most polls say all of these trials are illegitimately motivated by politics:
Trump’s Trials Are a Political Gift to His Campaign
62 percent in new poll say federal charges against Trump politically motivated
Democrats are infuriated that these 80+ charges haven’t stopped Trump’s lead over Biden in most polls.
They fail to realize that voters never place conjured legal grounds on a par with legitimate ones, and will punish that tyrannical conduct at the voting polls.