To anyone with even a passing familiarity with the King’s English, Democrats sound functionally illiterate when accusing Israel of committing “genocide” against Palestinians in Gaza.
The fallout casualties in Gaza have never equaled “genocide”
“Genocide” is the “systematic extermination of a racial, religious, ethnic or national group” as was executed by the Germans against Jews in WWII.
That is clearly not happening in Gaza, and the artificial use of that label will not trigger its intended premature ceasefire.
Palestinians who die because their bodies are placed around Hamas by Hamas owe their deaths to Hamas, and not to the Israelis pursuing them for their unilateral targeted massacring of young Jewish girls.
We also must remember that on Oct 7, Palestinians were on television cheering Hamas as they committed the mass raping, butchering and burning of young girls while forcing their parents to watch before subsequently getting butchered themselves.
Palestinians in Gaza and West Bank Celebrate on October 7 |
Always blaming Israel gets as old as the denied masked complicity most Palestinians.
Just as nobody expected the WWII Allied Forces to stop attacking Germany until the Nazis were crushed (despite civilian casualties), so the same latitude must be granted to Israel as they eradicate Hamas.
Also like the WWII German civilian population then, today’s Palestinians are not the standby innocents they’ve been portrayed to be.
No ceasefire until Hamas is exterminated.