It’s not surprising that anti-Semitic rallies threatening violence have been tolerated on the campus of Columbia University given that its President (Nemat Shafik) has referred to terrorism as “a form of protesting against a system which is not delivering for them on the economic or the political front.”
This was her documented position when serving as the World Bank Vice President.
Now her remedy for the Jew-haters on campus is that we should simply listen to them “talking about their differences.”
Columbia University President Shafik is as thick as she is delusional if she thinks these reptilian scum-sucking anti-Semitic pigs are interested in “talking about their differences” when all they genuinely want is unambiguous capitulation for all demands.
Until they meet the only fate that can neutralize them, these brutal encampments of intimidation will continue.
In short, their unapologetic bigoted violence requires an even greater devastatingly unapologetic and conclusive response.
The only question is: ‘When do sane people use their overwhelmingly greater numbers to make that happen?”
When do we say, “Enough!”