Silk Summary:
Really? Raping babies, young girls in front of their parents, then beheading them making the families watch only to do it them when it’s all said and done requires not just an attack back, but the complete annihilation of Hamas and those who participated and funded these attacks!
Taking a young 23-year-old, enjoying a music festival on October 7th, when it was attacked and she was kidnapped, gang raped, tortured, paraded on a back of a truck through the area dragging her body from said truck, only to be beheaded hours later deserves what, a handshake and a cup of coffee?
If anyone should resign its Nancy Pelosi who help hide the plan to attack the Capital on Jan 6th and refused 10,000 National Guard Troops when offered multiple times by Trump! She facilitated a bogus committee who destroyed evidence of the FBI planting pipe bombs and witness testimony clearing those accused!
There is a really warped sense of justice in our midst right now, and the swamp is starting to stink way too much for survival! NEEDS A MAJOR CLEAN OUT! People need to get made and call their reps! There are plenty of ways to make a difference!