THE ALAN NATHAN SHOW IS LIVE TODAY AT 5PM ET: NPR WH Correspondent Asma Khalid reports to ABC Host Jonathan Karl that Democrats on the campaign trail tell her that they have “nostalgia for the Trump years” and that “many voters are looking at this election as a referendum on Biden,” and that polls bear that out. //Politico reports they’re “surprised” that their favorite Democrat donors are financing the violent pro-Hamas anti-Semitic protests happening on campuses and streets across the nation – why the shock? //Federal Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team admits to wrongfully misrepresenting its content of evidence to the court (and the defense) thus arguably committing the tampering of it – what’s next? //Internal Big Tech emails show that the Biden Administration applied pressure on them to censor views not to its liking – how will this affect the SCOTUS ruling as it reviews the matter in Murthy v Missouri (formally Missouri v Biden)? Listen Live: