Silk Summary:
It’s quite evident to all that this case against Trump is nothing more than political persecution!
Even the lawyer who worked for Stormy Daniels says the key witness in the case lied.
So, it begs the question, why is there a trial? This was already put to bed long ago! Just like the other fraud trial in NY, there were no victims, no one lost money and no one sued or was going to sue Trump over any loses. So, why the trial? His classified case is a joke as NO judge in their right mind will let any conviction stand especially since Hillary dirt bag Clinton bleached bit documents and stored classified document on a server in a bathroom in the Colorado. Biden had classified documents and none of these 2 should have as they were never President until questionable Joe stepped into the Peoples House.
To see a political opponent on trial in this country for being in an opposition party, seems out of the twilight zone regardless of your liking him or not. One person or a Cabal, don’t get to decide for the rest of us who we should or shouldn’t vote. You state the facts and hope some have the brains to process the right choice.