Silk Summary:
Karma is such a BITCH!
The democRATS had it all worked out. They would secure the conviction of Trump in any of the trials, no matter what, and it will make the people realize he is a corrupt, sick, individual!
Well, here we are a week and half into his conviction and his has collected over $300 million in donations, moved up in the polls, and Americans realized this was just a political move of election interference and they are not buying it! Now, if they try and cheat their way to success, they will FAIL and they will start a civil war that will push their back generations!
This has nothing to do with me like or hating Trump. Yes, I have issues with the man, but with the choices we are faced with in this country right now, Trump is the one I want to get us out of the crapper! What is at issue is a FAIR election. NO CHEATING, let the chips fall as they may, and we can change it 2 years, then 4!