Following Roseanne Barr’s racist tweet for which her show was rightfully dropped by ABC, weekend MSNBC Host Rev. Al Sharpton weighed in saying, “Roseanne’s tweet shows Trump normalizing racism.”  Aside from his observation being simplistically enthymematic, i.e., ‘Because Roseanne supports Trump, her racism is an expansion of his own,’ Sharpton will never have the moral authority to credibly address matters of racism since he remains the very embodiment of that twisted malady.

This cerebrally maladroit bozo has long been shown to be a congenital liar on racial issues. As a New Yorker myself, I still remember the Tawana Brawley episode.  That was when a 15 year old African American girl from Dutchess County, NY was discovered live in a rubbish bag with racial epithets scrawled across her body on November 27th, 1987.  She blamed six white men for kidnapping and raping her.

Brawley had feces smeared all over her as well, and it wasn’t long before Reverend Al Sharpton and attorneys Alton Maddox and Vernon Mason generated a wide media blitz over it.

At first the horror seemed real making the subsequent outrage perfectly valid.  But guess what, it all proved to be a hoax with Sharpton knowingly communicating falsehoods throughout the whole episode.

The grand-jury on Brawley’s case found the entire reported incident to be a BS accusation.  The rape kit results showed no sexual assault and, despite her and Al Sharpton’s claim that she had been held captive outdoors for days, she endured zero hypothermia and was well-nourished with freshly brushed teeth when found.  Also, friends and schoolmates testified that she had been at a party at the very time she alleged to have been abducted.

Strangely, while parts of her clothes were charred, for some reason there were zero burns on her skin near the areas where those clothes had been scorched.  As a matter of fact, one witness said Brawley was seen climbing in a garbage bag and that the feces found on her body came from a neighbor’s dog.

Finally, the Grand Jury ruled that both Brawley and Sharpton had falsely accused the Dutchess County Assistant District Attorney Steve Pagones as one of her rapists.

Sharpton was eventually brought to court by Pagones and was fined 300,000 dollars for his role in the deception.  He denies wrongdoing till this day despite all of these revelations.

Whenever someone makes assertions of racism without premise, that’s precisely when they’re commit racism in the name of fighting it. Why?  They’re using race to intimidate dissent from their opportunism thus fulfilling the very definition of racism.

Al Sharpton is to the discussion of racial equality what Lance Armstrong is to the sport of cycling – self-disqualifying.