Is it any wonder, record early voting in this country! So far, if you believe the polls, which have shown not to be so accurate, especially in the last election, the GOP are leading.

Being from neither Party gives me a prospective others may not have. Not following a particular ideology, I can dispassionately look at both sides and see how each Party has failed the American people!

Having said that, right now the GOP should have the better chance of winning! The underhanded, manipulative, violent, grotesque way the Democrats have tried to curry favor with the American people is not, I believe the winning formula!

They have created a hostile environment with their lies and it started soon after Obama was elected and continued! The former president was selective in his condemnation of acts of hate and violence, none so obvious as his dislike for Jews!

Over 7,000 attacks of Jews in some way, while he was President and we heard practically nil on any of it!

The way they used FBI, DOJ and the office of the People House, to try and rig the last 2016 election and start a poisonous Russian investigation, that has yielded Jack, is all one should need to send them packing from holding any majority in this country!

We shouldn’t let their way be any kind of standard. Americans were angry the last election, hence, Trump. Do the Democrats really believe they have served the American people these last 2 years, or have they tried to shovel their threats, fear down the throats of anyone who is gullible to enough to think, their way forward, giving FREE for all, is a viable plan? We haven’t heard anything, but disdain, from the Left, for the way the country is headed!

Once again, we hear the likes of Barbara Streisand, Madonna, and others, threaten to leave the country if there is no Blue Wave! Why hasn’t her posse left already? They said that in 2016 if Trump won, yet, hear they are, with their false promises still here, not offering anything up, but hate! There’s enough of that already, we don’t need it from those who only come out when it serves them!