This morning while watching different news cast, it became clear once again that our main stream media does not give listeners unbiased information about what is happening at our borders!

ABC, NBC spent no time alerting their viewers about the arrests of criminals trying to sneak in at our borders, along with this illegal convoy! CBS barely spoke about it and very few outlets on cable are discussing this as well!

This week we have seen Tijuana, Mexico protesting the convoy and wanting their government to do more to stop it from continuing.

The Mayor of that city, agreed with President Trump that it is an invasion and there are some really bad, bad people mixed in!

Fact: So far, there are over 270 individuals along the caravan route that have criminal histories, including known gang membership.

“On October 29, the Mexican ambassador to the U.S. described some of the caravan members as “very violent:”  “Unfortunately, some of the people in the caravan have been very violent against authority, even though they have offered the possibility of entering in compliance with immigration law and refugee status.”

On October 30, Mexico’s Interior Minister Navarrete Prida speaking on Radio Enfoque (Focus) 100.1 FM, confirmed that some criminal groups have infiltrated the caravan: “I have videos from Guatemala that show men dressed in identical clothing, sporting the same haircuts, handing out money to women to persuade them to move to the front of the caravan…We know, for a fact, that some members of the caravan threatened [Mexican] Migration Institute personnel and we have images showing many of them preparing Molotov cocktails.”

“We also continue to see individuals from over 20 countries in this flow from countries such as Somalia, India, Haiti, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. There is a large segment of this population that we know nothing about and we must be prepared to defend our border and enforce our laws to protect the citizens of our country.” DHS

Last night a Judge in a court in San Francisco agreed with the ACLU and Center for Constitutional Rights to temporarily bar the US from enforcing Trump administration’s asylum ban.

Lots of luck with that holding up in court!

This coming from a judge in a city that is a Sanctuary for illegals which is in direct conflict with Federal Laws.

Once again, rogue Judges who are strictly ruling from a political point of view are violating our rights as a country!

Democrats on the far Left, want to alter our landscape here to allow cheap votes and infiltrate our communities so as to gain more political power.

The Blue dribble that took over the House, which was the smallest percentage change in recent history, is only one chamber, with no real power. Certain newly elected officials, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who is not part of the 25% of Americans who know there are 3 branches of government think she will be inaugurated on the 3rd January, 2019 and sign a bill into law on January 4th!

{Note: only the a President gets inaugurated, the rest of the lawmakers are “sworn in”.}

Now, that is scary ignorance!