What Alan has to say about the shutdown…..

The Shutdown doesn’t just close government, it apparently closes minds and makes ALL politicians functionally illiterate – but that doesn’t mean that we need to be infected with their malady. The only reason why any shutdown is triggered is because of an impasse, and that impasse is ALWAYS comprised of at least two sides in disagreement. So, as a matter of language, how can either side say that said shutdown is caused by only the other side’s half?

If there was only one half, there’d be no impasse and therefore no Shutdown! And yet, they think we’re falling for their grand buffet of nuttery nuggets, bonehead baguettes and dipshit desserts.

So to both Democrats and Republicans, if you genuinely think you have the better argument to which the other side should capitulate (vs who can more loudly name-call the other), then cough it up.

But regardless of polls (which these days have all the reliability of last year’s Romaine Lettuce), those of us able to think for ourselves aren’t fooled by your continuous habit of giving a pass to your own for that which you never tolerate from the other side.

Cut a deal by opening your minds, and the doors of government would soon follow suit.