The Hill writes, “The senior intelligence officials also angered Trump by testifying that Iran is in compliance with the nuclear treaty it signed with Western powers under the Obama administration.”

Of course the President is ticked off.

Compliance is a rather low bar to achieve since the standards are themselves the reason Trump pulled out of the Iran nuke deal to begin with.

Iran currently enjoys side-deals with the IAEA in which they get to handle the soil samples requested by the IAEA that are from both “declared” and “undeclared” sites suspected of engaging in violations.

Since when do suspects get to be a part of the chain-of-custody handling evidence!!

How can there be any credibility to the soundness of the evidence whenever the objects of an investigation are permitted to screen that evidence before it’s reviewed by the inspectors tasked with assessing that evidence?

This from The Washington Post on the matter:

Obama’s secret Iran deals exposed
By Marc A. Thiessen | July 27, 2015

What is in the secret side deals? According to Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), one of the side deals governing inspections of the Parchin military complex allows Iran to collect its own soil samples, instead of IAEA inspectors. That is like letting Lance Armstrong collect his own blood samples for a doping investigation. “I suspect if we’re able to actually go over [these agreements], you find half a dozen that you would stare at and realize we really didn’t get verification,” Pompeo says.

Do these idiots on Capitol Hill really think we all forgot why this deal has always been so bad?

Of course Iran is in compliance – there are no meaningful standards to keep them restrained, and that has always been the problem.…/sen…/427773-gop-poised-to-rebuke-trump