It’s amazing Left wing news broadcast operations like CBS and CNN rated Trump’s speech approval at 76%.

On top of that, CBS poll says, 72% of its viewers approved of Trump’s immigration ideas!

59% of CNN viewers said the speech was very positive.

Does this mean the Left, like Pelosi and Schumer most go back and rethink their stance?

Peggy Noonan, a former speechwriter for President Reagan and no fan of President Trump, praised his speech tonight, saying, “This has been a deeply adept speech in terms of policy. He cut to the muscle on legal and illegal immigration, on abortion and infanticide, on foreign wars. His vow on socialism will be remembered. Great heroes in the balcony, a real American panoply.”

Trump also got approval for his stance on socialism, saying “this country will never be socialist”. That didn’t go over with the newly minted Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, who looked like she just lost her best friend and who wouldn’t even applaud when the President said, “But we must reject the politics of revenge, resistance and retribution, and embrace the boundless potential of cooperation, compromise, and the common good.” Pelosi, stood and applauded this as did other Democrats.

The Democrats made a fatal mistake in 2016, thinking their beloved Hillary Clinton would win the day and voters would ignore her actions and potential criminal violations. Instead, it made voters mad, insulted and most of all angry. They are headed this same next time around. Thanks to the internet, their cowardice on immigration now, is coming back to bite them in the ass, as they have touted reform for decades and are showing that because it is Trump trying to rectify a very problematic situation, they won’t even give it a shot. They would be able to point to their willingness for change and compromise, at the polls, if they came down off their high horse, now they will be put in the obstruction category and will need to explain to their constituents why they don’t want to protect this country.