The divide in this country for the most part is because of political differences.

It started about a decade ago, when the Left thought dividing people along Party Labels, would bring about more rapid change and score big for those wanting a different kind of country.

A country where we give 25-65 year olds, Universal Basic Income, which is $1000.00 per month from the government, FREE college, FREE healthcare. Never mind where the money comes from, not one of these candidates who tout this, can actually say with a straight face, how it would all get paid for.

The zealots for these bankrupt policies believe, if they slowly inject an idea into the policy discussion and then push, push some more and push until it seems normal, no matter how radical or ridiculous it may seem, it will bring individuals to the table.

If FREE is the new ‘mantra’ for the Left, especially candidates for President, what could these politicians say to those who have worked all their lives, for a better life for their families because they wanted to, that now you did all the work, we are going to take your money, spread it to those who didn’t sacrifice and do what you wanted and we will all live happily ever after!?

With hard work, usually there are rewards. A lot of people were taught that there is something very gratifying about working for what you want and when you achieve it, the end result is sweeter than if it was handed to you.

We don’t need government to decide for us who to give our money to, we can do that on our own. After all, when things happen in this world, Americans are usually the first in giving help.

Since our lawmakers haven’t found a way out of deficits now, for the programs they pass laws for, how in the hell could they find the extra trillions of dollars needed each year for extra free giveaways?