The Hill writes,”To Trump detractors, the CONSIDERATION of such an action (the 25th Amend to remove Trump) confirms that the president poses a threat to the norms of American public life.”

So the conjured grounds for a camouflaged coup become legitimate merely because those conjured grounds have been relabeled as a “consideration”?

Wow! Talk about a maneuvered self-fulfilling prophecy with a Catch-22 ending.

Their formula for blocking and then removing a President is to simply manufacture evidence (the DNC-Clinton financed Dossier), and then act on that manufactured evidence because of the artificial seriousness that was manufactured into it! Really?

Bureaucrats, elected leaders and judges disconnecting themselves from the very body of laws they enforce upon the rest of us are actually engaged in the practice of tyranny.

And this country has a long and storied history of knowing what to do with tyrants.

Are these idiots trying to activate the militias?…/430128-the-memo-trump-and-mccabe-go-t…