Yesterday, an Ohio Production Plant became the latest in a plan by GM to shutter this and a couple of other locations in the US.

What makes this very gut wrenching, this plant which has been in operation more than 50 years, has been producing cars and other vehicles. This move will eliminate nearly 1,700 hourly positions by month’s end.

Apparently, in the summer there will be discussions about possibly reopening this plant.

In the meantime, the production of the Cruze sedan and hatchback will continue in Mexico, where the car is made for markets outside the U.S.

I found that a bit hard to swallow, since the American taxpayer bailed GM out under the Obama administration and still owes the American taxpayer $11 Billion! Since we have, the people have a stack in this company, why are they keeping plants open in Mexico and shutting down American facilities? Yes, costs are different, but it seems GM didn’t have long lines of investors waiting to bail them out and Americans stepped in and saved the day.

How was this deal of keeping GM solvent structured? Shouldn’t there have been some provisions to keep our workers going, even if they had to retire some longtime individuals?

Again, looks like taxpayers got the short end of this stick!