The case against socialism!

If some politicians in this country had their way we would be like Venezuela which yesterday, plunged into darkness amid widespread power outages. This is because the government controls the power grid! Ouch…

Government shouldn’t be in the business of business, as they most often are rife with corruption, greed and politicians with sticky fingers!

Venezuela’s electrical system was once the golden child of Latin America, but it has fallen into such disrepair after years of poor maintenance and mismanagement, that yesterday, was just a byproduct of such neglect!

The nation currently, is undergoing ‘hyperinflation’, which is projected to reach an out of site amount of 10 million % this year, and Venezuela, is grappling with food and medical shortages and has lost about 10 percent of its population to migration in the past few years.

This is what some, like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez believes, would be the correct path for America.

Socialism strangled nations like Greece and Italy among others and Venezuela is another byproduct of piss poor political policies and regressive leadership!

Most of the countries that are self-declared Socialist countries, base their politics on the Marxist-Leninist model that was followed by the Soviet Union. These countries define socialism by redistributing the wealth of a nation and having the government be a bedrock with all encompassing powers. SCARY!

In our Constitutional Republic, we are supposed to have checks and balances with accountability. Unfortunately, that is not the case and we get to voice our pleasure or displeasure by voting.

The words of former President Ronald Reagan echos so strongly, especially, when we hear some on the Left try and justify such a crippling agenda as Socialism.

“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are; “I’M FROM THE GOVERNMENT, AND I’M HERE TO HELP!”