Oh dear, not only does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez not know her civics, she can’t string a sentence together ‘without’, ‘like’, ‘you know’, added for effect, dozens of times in her interview at SXSW this past weekend.

She added “like” no fewer than 71 times, “you know”, at least 34 times and “whatever” around 5 times! She also said “ummm”, so many times, everyone lost count!

This so called Representative of the people, called America “GARBAGE”, capitalism “irredeemable,” and President Reagan a racist.

Meanwhile, seems she got over her money problems. Don’t hear her railing about rents in DC or that she can’t get an apartment until her salary kicks in anymore. She seems to have fit in right away, with her Movado watch, expensive iPhone and Starbucks.

She did a magazine shoot not to long ago and instead of being real, being herself, she decided to photograph in a $3,500 pant suit with $650.00 shoes. Don’t know many up and coming socialist who would walk around with those clothes when they could redistribute the money to more worthy causes, no?

I believe she has graduated to the business of “do as I say, not as I do”.

What a minute, that’s what Bernie did when he started preaching his socialist message. Show your voters just how poor you are, then show up one day with 3 houses, private jet travel and no more talk about being humble and pinching pennies!

Can you spell, H>P>O>C>R>I>T>E?