There seems to be some faux outrage from the Left and never-Trump Right over the President’s admonishment of the late Sen John McCain for killing the repeal of Obamacare – thereby preempting its subsequent replacement.

It should never be forgotten that McCain voted in opposition to what was to bring about the very changes he had endorsed against Obamacare. Why did McCain do it?

It’s because he allowed his animosity against Trump to transcend his own repeatedly stated positions. As a vet and fellow “Squid” from the Navy myself, I’m comfortable in saying that McCain was a great war hero who morphed into an often petty Senator.

These things are not mutually exclusive.

This is the same man who once said that then teenager Chelsea Clinton was ugly because her father was Janet Reno (first female Atty-Gen).

He additionally said in front of a crowd of journalists (as reported by the Huffington Post), that his wife Cindy likes to “plaster on the makeup like a trollop” and then called her the “c” word.

The very same Socialist Left that once called McCain “a warmonger,” “a racist” and “a facist” (but now lionize him because he hated Trump), must always be reminded of their morally-bereft and nonsensical flip-floppery.…/434404-trump-attacks-john-mccain-over…