Last Presidential election, the Democrats called the GOP field, a circus, clown cars.

Now it seems, the clown cars have swung around, to pick up the Left.

The candidates so far are touting “The Green New Deal”, not even talking about how NOAA says we have been in a cooling trend for the last 10 years. That network is the United States Climate Reference Network (USCRN). These are modern stations, sited well away from urban influence, that use state of the art instrumentation and are therefore not subject to many of the problems associated with the old USHCN network. There are 114 of these stations.

The new breed of candidates are instilling fear and using attacks, here or abroad, as a way of saying White Supremist are at the forefront of these attacks and they are coming from the Right Wing Extremist.

Predicated on what? They can’t say!

Many of these candidates are touting FREE Healthcare. In other words Medicare for all. They don’t have a clue how we will pay for this, but since it sounds good, they will continue to boast about something that would tax Americans into bankruptcy. They don’t talk about that, or the money for free college or how they would give a Universal Basic Income to those 25-65 permanently.

They talk about open borders, leaving Americans vulnerable. They want illegals to have the same rights as citizens, without any of the problems that ordinary Americans face.

It’s just like the political elite who think they are above our laws and that anyone in this class or an illegal immigrant class, do not have to be judged by the same parameters as the rest of us!

They believe the wealthy are keeping the working class down. They don’t think that wealth comes from hard work, long hours. They think everyone who is wealthy was given their money. They don’t have a clue that the 26.9 small businesses in this country is what drives our economy and lifts those up from poverty more than the 1%.

Once again, we hear from the Left, hate filled speech, about the opposition, trying to divide this country further. It’s a very sad comment, when you have those who don’t believe the truth is a viable tool to win support!