Under the headline, “Some Mueller team members say final report more damaging to Trump than Barr summary suggests,” The Hill had the following excerpt:
Some members of special counsel Robert Mueller’s team have said Attorney General William Barr’s summary of their report did not sufficiently portray the results of their investigation.

So a few of the 13 Obama & Clinton donors comprising the 19 investigators of Mueller’s team (the other 6 were non-affiliated) now say there’s more unflattering material on Trump in the report than has been thus far revealed.

But that doesn’t deny Mueller’s ultimate findings that said they could not conclude the existence of Trump-Russian conspiracy, coordination or collusion – nor could they conclude corruption of justice.

Tertiary measures of Trump’s alleged blemished behavior in other areas do not invalidate the primary measure of finding no evidence of conspiracy, coordination or collusion.

Those suspicions were the grounds driving the probe, and they have been shown to be unsubstantiated.

From this point on, the non-Left community (disgusted by the artificiality associated with this manufactured affair) must respond with a political ferocity and savagery not seen in years.

If incentives reinforce good behavior, then disincentives counter the bad – and the latter needs to be delivered by the tons.