Seems if you are a Democrat, elitist, have allegations of sexual harassment, once a former VP, and running for President, you are not thought of, as someone who should step down!

Unlike a judge, being confirmed for SCOTUS, you are guilty before you are proven innocent. Even if it is discovered, it was ALL a HOAX, made up by Democratic Operatives, to derail the confirmation process! Guess, it doesn’t work that way for Democrats, after all, they are so special, right? [Bullshit!]

Yesterday, Speaker Pelosi said; “#MeToo allegations against Biden don’t disqualify him from being president”.

Accordingly, if we are truthful, we have one set of standards for the elites, especially those who have served in our political arena and other set for the everyday person.

The mainstream media skewed the Right as the Party of sexual harassers and blew Kavanaugh’s denials right off the screen, as those of a sorry, desperate, sleaze ball who shouldn’t be allowed to sit on the bench! Day after day, we heard from pundits, journo’s, Hollywood, on what a sick, disgusting system we have to allow someone with the allegations regarding Kavanaugh to even have a chance at SCOTUS.

Now, we have former VP Biden, 2 allegations so far have surfaced and hardly a smear, take down in the press. Maybe, there was nothing to these, or maybe the former VP is just to touchy feely for some women, as the photos below show, some look positively disgusted his hands are on them!

Whatever the outcome, fair play is not the standard here, as the Democrats, can never seem to have a capacity for self-appraisal, just condemnation of others!