Usually, when one is caught red-handed in an uncomfortable situation, or a lie, the correct posture would be to retreat gracefully, maybe offer an apology and try to move on!

Unfortunately, that is not the case with Democrats in Washington, or Hollywood. They were banking on the Mueller investigation, which was, after all, started with FAKE information from FISA Warrants, that were fabricated with complete bullshit, to try and make the Trump Administration and campaign look guilty of collusion with Russia.

Now the report is out, no collusion was found, but yet, we still have Democrats in Congress and the Senate calling for Trump to be impeached.

“Democratic leaders in the House told rank-and-file lawmakers they plan to continue pursuing multiple avenues of inquiry into President Trump before deciding whether to initiate impeachment proceedings.”

“One source said it was a “fairly sober discussion,” with members generally expressing a “belief Trump should be impeached, but great fear of what the political consequences would be.”

The fact that this President is so disliked by many on both sides, is really too bad! Lawmakers are not required by any law, to like the Commander and Chief. We don’t have to like lawmakers for them to do their job either and yet we have 2 chambers filled with those who are not fitting that bill!

What is at issue here, is, what will the American people feel, once they find out that the Democratic Party, along with quite a number of individuals and agencies from the last administration, try to cheat in an election and commit a soft coup d’état? What will citizens think, when the unredacted and declassified FISA Warrants are released and they see just how far and desperate the other side will travel for the Democrats agenda?

Of course, the Left, are currently scrambling and using impeachment talks as a way to deflect the conversation away from the real issues.
Once the American people have all the facts, anger will be the least of the Democrats problems!