In 2016 the field for President was quite big on the GOP side. 17 candidates announced a bid to run and the Democrats, laughed, made jokes, about the size of the field.

Quick shot to today’s Presidential field among Democrats, it stands at around 9, with many more thinking of jumping in and we are more than a year and 7 months before the elections.

Most people probably don’t know there are many more who want to go the distance. As of April 22, 2019, there are 683 candidates who filed to run for the Presidency, including: 229 Democratic candidates, 84 Republican candidates, 25 Libertarian candidates.

So far, Democrats, are challenging each other, to see who can offer the most FREE stuff! Senator Warren has offered up free college and no student debt for the 40 million or so who owes the government on loans. She says forgiveness is in order. She also wants a wealth tax on the wealthiest Americans, so they can pay for all the free stuff she wants to give others.

Don’t you just love how benevelovent candidates, lawmakers, are with other people’s money?

Bernie Sanders, wants to give away the country with so much free stuff there isn’t enough room to list it all. He also has said, in his town hall, when a student asked whether he really believed that incarcerated Americans should be allowed to vote, including the Boston Marathon bomber, he said, “unequivocally yes.”

Senator Kamala Harris, says, when elected, if Congress doesn’t pass gun control in the first 100 days of her Presidency, she will issue an Executive Order to do just that. Voters who listen to Harris’ CNN town hall in New Hampshire might have noticed a go-to phrase for everything that falls into her “maybe” cart: “Let’s have that conversation” or “I believe we should have that conversation.” She did say however, “Medicare for all, universal preschool, raising working families’ incomes via a new tax credit.” Of course, not one sentence, on how it will all get paid!

Mayor Pete Buttigieg says, “Democrats need to communicate their values without drowning voters in “minutiae.”

“I’ve been pretty clear where I stand on major issues,” he said, citing “Medicare for All” as an example.

Buttigieg doesn’t think prisoners should be allowed to vote and his position was a break from Sanders, who had advocated voting rights for incarcerated Americans like Senator Harris. Buttigieg says, “I do believe that when you are out — when you have served your sentence — part of being restored to society is that you are part of the political life of this nation,” Buttigieg said. “And one of the things that needs to be restored is your right to vote.”

The common thread of Democrats so far…

Wow, how original! That was the mantra the last time around and voters didn’t believe it then! Should they now?