The Mueller Investigation has turned into the biggest hoax, farse, whitewash, this country possibly has ever seen!

You have Hillary Clinton complaining that Trump stole the election from her, all the while, her campaign, DNC, had funded the very fake dossier, that started this charade! Seems, Hillary stole the election from herself!

Let’s also point out, she never visited small towns and cities in most States, in this country. She focused on Florida, New York, Ohio, California and Texas as they have a good number of electoral college votes and she was so full of herself, she believed, individuals would vote for her no matter what, even if she didn’t campaign in their area!

She believes Trump should be impeached. She doesn’t even blink an eye when she says it and offers no real proof, to validate her argument. She still must be drinking from the delusional kool-aid in DC!

The current Congress believes they should have the whole 476 page Muller report, unredacted. They don’t care that Grand Jury testimony is protected under the law. It just goes to show how ignorant, partisan they all are.

Funny, the Democrats fought for former Attorney General Eric Holder, under Obama, when he was asked to release all documents pertaining to Fast and Furious, a horrible, not well thought out gun operation, in which federal agents allowed guns to be sold to traffickers. The weapons began turning up at crime scenes, including the ambush death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

President Obama belatedly claimed executive privilege, Congress held Holder in Contempt and won a first round in court. But, as with our government, if there is competing interests, then it is tough to move, just like there was with Holder!

Congress should realize that a Federal Appeals court in Washington, issued a ruling last month, that appears to put grand jury information beyond the reach of Congress in the normal course of oversight.

Whether or not that stops our Congress from wasting taxpayer money and time, is up for grabs.