Eating right and adding some exercise is always the best way to feel better and help your body. Work, home life can be stressful and it takes a huge toll on your mind, body and spirit.

Fad diets often leave you wondering why when you stop, you are back to where you were before.

The best diet is to me, is no fad diet. It takes some time, but learning about different foods, how they react in your body is very interesting, enlightening and people should spend at least 1/10th the time as they do on social media to help yourself look, feel great! It definitely is not rocket science.

This week on the Silk & Antrim show, you will be able to tune into a very useful segment on eating right, healthy and having some fun!

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Chef Parker Wallace on her site, shows folks how you can make nutritious food, that won’t break the bank!

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