Juan Williams has a piece in The Hill entitled, “Trump’s Scorecard is Rife with Losses.”

Actually Juan, and I’m being gentle because I’ve had you on the program multiple times, you’re provably wrong about his lacking successes.

Trump did rack up a ton of ‘kept promises.’ And, a candidate’s credibility is largely based upon how well said candidate has delivered on his promises – even when they’re opposed.

So what promises did Trump manage to deliver?

He got America’s Embassy moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem;

He crushed most of ISIS;

He implemented a SCOTUS-backed Travel Ban on terrorist failed states;

He twice bombed Bashir Al Assad’s Syria after he crossed the red line of chemically attacking his own people (the promise Obama broke);

He nominated Supreme Court Judges akin to Antonin Scalia;

He rapidly filled Appellate and District Judgeships with originalist adjudicators who interpret the Constitution vs trying to amend it to their own politics;

He pushed through a historic tax bill giving 8 out of 10 Americans a tax reduction;

He stripped away tons of onerous regulations; Removing 2 regulations for every new one;

He provided women with their lowest unemployment rates in decades;

He provided Blacks with their lowest unemployment in decades;

He provided Hispanics with their lowest unemployment ever;

He dumped Obama’s Clean Power Plan;

He withdrew us from the Paris Climate Agreement;

He successfully rewrote NAFTA with Canada and Mexico while making it now measurably more fair to us (renamed USMCA);

He got American companies to return here for their manufacturing as well as enticing foreign companies to invest here more than they had;

He signed the “Right-to-Try Legislation” wherein dying Americans would be allowed to take experimental drugs when the risk is far exceeded by their current illness;

He signed the long awaited Criminal Justice Reform (or the First Step Act) that passed the Senate 87 to 12 and the House 360-59 (prevailing where all his predecessors had failed);

And, despite being excoriated by the Left for supposedly alienating our NATO allies by demanding they fulfill their promised 2% of GDP for the alliance’s defense, NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has repeatedly acknowledged that Trump’s tough negotiating has paid off, and that it has resulted in NATO allies committing another 100 billion to the organization’s common defense.

Unambiguously, Trump would appear to have much about which to crow.