Your project was just green-lighted, and you need to go from Zero to Campaign in 24 hours, but with such a complex operation you soon find the brakes are on. Traffic is jammed up by the simple fact that it takes days or even weeks to put together the packages you need. Statewide California or citywide New York City take time, and if you want the entire Southwest forget about it! Unless you drive down Main Street, where same-day or next-day delivery is as much a specialty as our low prices! Get in touch now, but brace your inbox for our accelerated turnaround!

We Also Provide…

Commercials, ANR’s, Promotions, Segment/Program Buys, Education Campaigns, Commentaries, English, Spanish delivered through both conventional, non-conventional avenues of broadcast placement. We now offer social media placement through our Social Media Influencer.

* Individual City
* Multiple Cities
* Individual Region
* Multiple Regions
* National USA
* International

Think Targeted – Think Main Street Radio.
There’s One Traveled in Every Town

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