Over the weekend a juicy story broke from the New York Post and it will be interesting if the any mainstream media outlets will pick this up!

“Strapped for cash, Mayor Bill de Blasio turned to a state political account he controls to buy plane tickets, pay rent and purchase digital advertisements for his nascent presidential campaign — potentially violating campaign finance regulations, campaign finance experts told The Post.”

Lawmakers misbehaving, mismanaging money, will be the taxpayer responsibility, once taxes are raised in another area, for the good people of New York City.

And besides raise taxes in NYC, giving over 300,000 illegal immigrants FREE healthcare, what has this Mayor done for the City and why did he get re-elected?

This is where the Democratic hypocrisy can be seen in cities like NY, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, with their failing economies, high crime, high homelessness and priced so, no reasonable housing can be had for hardworking people, who keep everything working in major companies, industries!

Add the debt of those cities, better yet, the States and you have about 1/4 the national debt!

Where are the loud mouth lawmakers who keep sounding off about everything, from the President, to the climate, the economy? If you listen to nubie lawmakers like AOC, people are working 2 jobs to pay their bills. She can’t fathom how the government works, someone is going to listen to her complain about something she has no comprehension of whatsoever?

When the words don’t match the actions, all you have are polluters, who spew as much garbage, as the cows methane, they wish to stop!