What this impeachment hearing is demonstrating, the Democrats have played a card, they may well be very sorry for, come the 2020 elections!

As this unfolds and the media, members of Congress, hurl accusations, threats and hearsay, there are false reports being sited then deleted as the flow of information is tainted.

Example: Monday of this week, the media reported and members of the Democratic Congress jumped on board when Manfred Nowak, an expert from the U.N. Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty, claimed that 100,000 migrant children were detained by the Trump administration and indicated that it was the “world’s highest rate” of detained children. The following day, however, he acknowledged that the cited number actually was from 2015 — under President Obama.

Why isn’t the media, Congress, chastising the former President, Obama and his administration, on these outrageous numbers!? It has been quite interesting watching CNN, NBC, Associated Press, Al Jazeera and PBS, Agence France-Presse come out with retractions and BIG FAT WHOOPS!

We also saw from this inaccurate reporting tweets and statements, including the DNC War Room and 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who have since deleted their tweets. Below, the DNC unloaded on this falsehood and now it’s words are attributed to where they should correctly go…the Obama Administration!

“This is a disgusting result of Trump’s family separation policies- pushed by Stephen Miller who has cited white nationalist propaganda in promoting his views. It’s also, apparently, a violation of a U.N. treaty, the Convention on the Rights of the Child,” the DNC War Room initially wrote, unaware that it was slamming the Obama administration.

What makes this whole ordeal, impeachment, especially troubling is, a number of the witnesses that have come forward have lied, changed testimony, which begs the question, if they can easily not recall, then recall, say one thing, then suddenly change to another statement, how do we know which testimony is true. Because they said it is?

Every American, no matter what Party they identify with should be appalled at what the Congress is doing right now! They are making a mockery of our due process, elections and are still crying in their milk and cookies because they lost! How utterly pathetic and shameful that our taxpayer dollars pays for this figgin’ FREAK SHOW!