That’s all you have between now and Cyber Monday. Is your radio campaign ready to go? In need of some extra coverage? Or are you looking to go digital in honor of the occasion? A quick email to Main Street will start you down that digital path, that radio road if you prefer, so get in touch now! Remember: in theory you have two weeks, on paper you have 9 business days, but in reality you’re already at the 11th hour!

We Also Provide…
Commercials, ANR’s, Promotions, Segment/Program Buys, Education Campaigns, Commentaries, English, Spanish delivered through both conventional, non-conventional avenues of broadcast placement. We now offer social media placement through our Social Media Influencer.

* Individual City
* Multiple Cities
* Individual Region
* Multiple Regions
* National USA
* International

Think Targeted – Think Main Street Radio.  There’s One Traveled in Every Town

Get in touch directly with our Projects Manager
Joseph Patterson at 703-978-0600
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